Teman teman yang suka edit foto, kali ini saya akan share sebuah software untuk merubah tubuh anda menggunakan tubuh yang kalian sukai.Dengan Faceoffmax kalian bisa merubah tubuh anda sesuai selera kalian. Tidak perlu lagi menggunakan sotoshop untuk mengedit / memanipulasi foto teman2.
Berikut penjelasan mengenai FACEOFFMAX yang saya ambil langsung dari situs resminya

Create funniest photos with built-in and updated templates or your own photos

Designed by professional artists, hundreds of fantastic templates are offered in Face Off Max. No matter for what use: creating a funny photo for yourself, ridiculing your friends or having a photo with your idol, you can easily find a template suitable. Besides, the indefatigable Face Off Max artists keep on creating updated templates to enable the users to produce photos about the hottest topic. And if you want to create the photo with your own photos, it also works. No matter in what way, you just need to offer your photos and then have fun.

Share with your friends: spread your fun
After producing such a fantastic photo, the first thing you are going to do is to spread the fun by sharing it with your friends and listen to their comments like “how funny it is”. By using Face Off Max, you can easily display your masterpiece in everywhere you want to keep in touch with your friends: Facebook, Myspace, blog, email and etc. Post a photo with you holding the academy award and embracing Natalie Portman in where your friends can see and I’m pretty sure you can win admiring eyes.

Easy interface and using guide: simple process leads to amazing results
Creating a perfect funny photo is amazing. What is even more amazing is you can do it in a simple and intuitive way. The intuitive interface lets you know at the first glance how to achieve what you want with Face Off Max. The considerate Face Off Max service supporters also provide detailed using instruction which will accompany with you till the end of your creating. You just need to follow the wizard and then everything is done. However, although the process is simple, the results can be fantastic. After several stages of photo editing, your photo will look as natural as it should be.

Text adding: speak the fun out
After creating a great photo, sometimes you may still feel incomplete and want to write some funny words on it. Now with Face Off Max, your photo will be endowed with a slogan and speak the fun out by itself. You can even put your words in a balloon to enhance effects. How about having a photo with you becoming T-800, holding a shotgun, driving a Harley Davidson and saying "I'll be back!"?

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